My Approach

Psychotherapy Limerick

My work is influenced by various approaches, primarily gestalt, attachment theory, person-centred therapy and existential therapy. I work from a humanistic perspective, valuing the holistic development of each client. I strive for honesty and respect in my work.

I see my role as two-fold in helping you to meet your goals. Firstly I provide a supportive, empathic relationship, through which your experience and needs can be explored. Psychotherapy research points to the therapeutic relationship as the most important factor in effective therapy. Secondly, I aim to nurture your capacity for self-reflection. Through expanding your awareness and view of yourself, you become more connected to self and others. New possibilities for creative and fulfilling living arise from this, as well as greater power and resilience to deal with life’s difficulties. My quality of presence and attention is integral to my work. I am committed to continued professional, personal and spiritual development.